1. The propane gas fireplace is disabled for the summer season, please do not try and light it.
    2. You can use liquid or powder dishwasher soap, but NEVER use regular hand wash dish soap, it does not work and it will result in a billable appliance service technician call.
    3. Absolutely no pets allowed.
    4. No more than 12 people maximum are allowed to be overnight guests.
    5. No grilling of any kind allowed.
    6. There is a plunger for each toilet. They will clog and overflow if you do not hold the handle down and flush completely.
    7. Please do not touch the dehumidifiers. There is one in the garage and one in the downstairs bedroom. They are set correctly to come on when needed and should never be adjusted or ever turned off.
    8. Each TV has its own remote. There are detailed instructions for remote use for the main TV posted in the family room.
    9. Please use the outside shower when returning from the pool or beach.
    10. We sometimes have tremendous cross winds, the rollout windows on the top floor catch the wind and in the past have ripped completely out of the wall. Please do not open at any time.

    1. Please park all cars in our driveway, not across the street at the marina parking along the docks. That parking area is reserved for the boat slip owners.
    2. When using the Pool, please observe all posted rules, especially note that pool hours are 8:00 a.m. until 9 p.m.
    3. No towels, bathing suits, or other items are to be placed on the deck railings at any time.
    4. If you have a boat trailer it must be removed from the property the same day of arrival, it can never stay overnight.
    5. When driving in the community, drive slow and observe all of the stop signs. This is important because of the mix of pedestrian, bicycle and motor vehicle traffic and the limited sight lines.
    6. Please remember that noise carries easy when surrounded by water. This is a family community, please take that into consideration.

    2. All persons using the pool do so AT THEIR OWN RISK. Owners and Management are not responsible for accidents or injuries.
    3. Pool Hours are strictly enforced from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily. Police will be summoned with possible prosecution if trespassing before or after posted hours.
    4. Children under age 13 MUST be accompanied by a parent or other authorized adult (sixteen or older).
    5. Infants must wear swim diapers/pants and be changed frequently.
    6. Children must be accompanied by an adult when using the restrooms. (we have had issues of toilet tissue and paper towels on the floor and un-flushed toilets).
    7. Showers in the restrooms are NOT to be used to wash sand off when returning from the beach. Please use the provided outside shower on the pool deck.
    8. Be respectful of others at the pool, use headsets when listening to music.
    9. Pool use limited to South Shore Homeowners, paid members and their guests.
    10. Blue wristbands must be worn or readily available if asked for by Association Owners or Management Company Personnel.
    11. No diving, running, pushing or rough housing allowed in the pool or pool area.
    12. Pool rescue float and safety pole is not for play use – they must remain in place for emergency use only.
    13. No glass is allowed in the pool area.
    14. No animals are permitted inside the pool gates.
    15. Please take cans, cups and litter with you when you leave. Close umbrellas at any unattended tables and make sure gates are properly latched.
    16. Homeowners present at the pool have both the authority and responsibility, as members of the Association, to monitor activities in and around the pool and enforce rules and appropriate behavior.

  • Please be courteous and dispose of your trash in the Trash Dumpsters and deposit Recycling in the Recycle Dumpsters.

    Listed below are the materials that should be placed in your Universal Recycling Cart. All items should be placed in loose and not in trash bags.

    • Newspapers/Brown Paper Bags
    • Magazines/Catalogs
    • Telephone/Soft Cover Books
    • Junk Mail/Envelopes (all types)
    • Paper
    • Paperboard (cereal/tissue boxes)
    • Cardboard boxes, broken down
    • Plastic Grocery Bags
    • Glass Bottles/Jar (any color)
    • Metal Cans (tin/steel/aluminum)
    • Polypropylene yogurt containers, cottage cheese containers
    • Mixed plastics various containers (juice boxes, orange juice and milk cartons)